Raazi Trailer Out: Might be Alia Bhatt’s next best


An actress who is loved and pampered by all in the film industry, who turned almost all her movies into blockbusters and stunned her fans with every movie she acted in. Alia Bhatt, with her intelligence, choose her scripts and proved herself to be one of the best actors in Bollywood.

Makers of Raazi movie introduced Alia’s character a while ago with a short pre-trailer video clip and released 2 minutes 21-second official trailer on social media. The movie portrays to be Indian-Pakistan based in which Alia Bhatt acts a spy. The trailer starts with Indo-Pak stress at a table discussion and the movies date back to 1971. Alia Bhatt’s father gets her married to a Pakistani Army Officer so that she can Spy over Pakistan. Alia Bhatt is convinced as ‘eyes and ears’ of India in Pakistan. This begins the journey of the film filled with wedding scenes, romance, fights, Alia’s training etc. The trailer portrays Alia as a powerful woman, an obedient daughter, a perfect wife and a courageous secret agent.

The movie narrates that there are several powerful patriotists in India who were not awarded, recognized and sacrificed their lives for the nation. Raazi is an incredible true story of sacrifice, of courageous women, a film of honor. Directed by Meghna Gulzar, this movie is a spying drama a tale of many unknown sacrifices done by the real heroes. The movie is produced by Dharma Productions and Vicky Kaushal is seen next to Alia Bhatt. The movie will be in theatres from 11th May this year.