Sushanth’s Chi La Sow teaser is released, and it is hilarious


Rahul Ravindran, debutante director is directing the film named Chi La Sow, with Sushanth as the lead actor. The film which has been named slightly different from the routine names from Telugu Industry is commonly used as a prefix while writing a bride’s name on a wedding card. It is short for Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyavati.

The movie stars Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma in the lead roles with Prashant R Vihari composing the music. The film’s teaser which has been released on May 7th managed to garner adequate attention in the media. The teaser didn’t reveal the story of the film but has given the audience hints that it is going to be a love story.

It started with the lead actor introducing himself and his problem that everyone’s around him keep bugging him to marry soon. Generating enough laughs in just a minute, the teaser also gave us a good deal of Vennela Kishore who is playing the role of Protagonist’s friend. Though didn’t give enough attention to the lead actress, the teaser gave the audience a slight glimpse of the actress. Being the director’s first attempt in filmmaking, the film is slightly generating a curiosity in the audience as well the film fraternity whether the debutant is going to make his mark in the industry.