Adivi Sesh, a Telugu Screenwriter, and actor, the man who has brought us Kshanam, a movie that was known for its stylized suspense and classy atonement, is now bringing us another Innovative story full of action sequences.

Goodachari, a Telugu language Spy Thriller is being directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka and produced by Abhishek Pictures. The story for this film as mentioned above has been provided by Advi Sesh, who is also the lead actor in the film. Alongside him, the film casts Sobhitha Dhulipalla as the lead actress and actors like Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore, Madhu Shalini, etc.

The trailer of the film was released recently, and it was awesome. The name as it is gives the audience a clue that it is a spy movie. The teaser of the film which came out weeks ago showed few action sequences intrigued the audience enough. The trailer as it was supposed to be, looked like an extension of the teaser and revealed the complexity of the story that is in itself a great move by the filmmakers.

As it was shown in the teaser, the film is about how the lead actor became a spy in an organization called Trinetra which operates in and out of India whereas RAW and IB departments don’t. (RAW is Research and Analysis Wing and IB is Intelligence Bureau- Secret Intelligence Agencies of India). His journey mixed with extraordinary twists and turns is what the film is about. The stunning visuals shown in the trailer boldly state that this is not just another Telugu film and this is what is making the audience eagerly wait for the film.

Goodachari, for which Abburi Ravi is the writer and Sricharan Pakala provided the music is slated for release on 3rd of August 2018. Check out the trailer and join in for a wild ride soon.