From director Habib Faisal comes Dawaat e Ishq Hindi Movie, a 2014 Indian romantic comedy that stars Prineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur.

Dawaat-e-Ishq is the story of Gulrez “Gullu” Qadir, living with her father Abdul Qadir in the capital city of Hyderabad as she tries her best to make a lower-middle class living. Though she works selling shoes at a local mall she dreams of going to America. Meanwhile, her father is looking for a husband for Gullu but regrettably is unable to pay a large dowry in order to attract a good man for her. Gullu is unperturbed, however, choosing instead to hold onto her optimism and to continue looking for the right man. That’s when she meets Amjad. The two spend time together and Gullu quickly falls in love with him. They decide to get married. Unfortunately, Amjad’s parents ask for a large dowry, one that Abdul cannot afford. They are forced to call off the marriage despite Gullu’s feelings. Bitter and broken, Gullu and her father decide to entrap and extort another potential groom under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code that forbids giving or receiving a dowry.

Daawat e Ishq Hindi Movie

Moving to a new place with new identities, and find their target in a young man known as Tariq Haider. After getting him to fall in love with her and proposing to her, Gullu secretly records Tariq’s parents asking her father for a dowry. No having the evidence she needs, she can blackmail Tariq and his family for money. However, during her time with Tariq, Gullu finds that she has fallen in love with him. Does Gullu carry out her plan despite her feelings? How will Gullu decide between her dream of going to America and the one she loves? Don’t miss out on this romantic Indian film that will have you laughing within the first ten minutes that will be memorable in your life.