Dia grew up in Shamli, India with her parents. Her dance teacher, Makarand, taught her how to dance from an early age. When she comes of age, Dia elopes with an American photographer leaving everything behind. She now lives in New York with her daughter, but her love for dancing remains with her as she is now a choreographer. Her idyllic life, however, is about to change.

Aaja Nachle Movie onlineSuch is the life and times of Dia in Aaja Nachle Movie. Produced in India in 2007, it tells how Dia fulfills Makarand’s dying wish – to revive Ajanta, a dance theater in her hometown, which has been deserted and is to now become a shopping mall.
Dia rushes to Shamli only to find that Makarand has already passed. Her efforts to revive Ajanta are ferociously met by angry relatives, weary distant family friends, corrupt politicians and their thugs as well as lacking talent. Her parents left Shamli in despair after she eloped, and she receives less than a warm welcome by her family friends upon her return to her hometown. She, however, remains determined and survives on sheer will.
Dia ingeniously strikes a deal with the local MP, Raja, that if she is able to stage a successful performance of the famous play, Laila-Majnu using only Shamlians, then he will cancel the planned demolition. Other politicians who stand to benefit from the demolition of Ajanta do everything in their power to thwart her efforts to revive Ajanta including sending their thugs to set the place on fire, and scandalize her.
Will Dia remain undaunted and pull off the production? Will she be able to find a suitable cast and will they stay loyal to her? Will the arts triumph over the cut and thrust of business? Will Raja change his mind and allow Ajanta to stand? What of Dia’s parents? Will she be able to find them and reconcile with them? Will they accept her and their granddaughter? Will Ajanta continue to stand the test of time? Find out the answers to these questions by taking in this movie.

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