Dhoom 3 Hindi movie released in 2013, took the success of Dhoom franchise to another level. Filled with family drama, action, magical stunts, captivating songs and an engaging story, the movie has something to offer to the audience of all ages and genre. In Dhoom 3 movie online, we enter with Sahir (Aamir Khan) in the magical world of Circus. Initially, he is struggling to bring his father’s legacy to life, the Great Indian Circus in Chicago. But this is a public facade, the real Sahir wants revenge and has robbed several branches of the western bank to remind them of their high-handedness and betrayal to his father. Sahir’s father (Jackie Shroff) committed suicide when the bank refused to extend his loan, upon non-payments. Sahir is a master in tricks and deception and leaves behind at each robbery, a signature clown mask followed by a message in Hindi to taunt the authorities and provide insight of his real self.

 Dhoom3 movie

In Dhoom 3, no one sees through the clues, till ACP Jay Dixit (AbhishekBachchan) and his hilarious partner Ali (Uday Chopra) arrive from India. Just before the big reopening premier of the Circus with beautiful acrobat Aaliyah, Sahir is shot by Jay in an action filled the scene, while running away from the robbery. In a shocking tale of events, the police after the grand opening come to arrest Sahir, but they were flabbergasted because Sahir did not have the gunshot wound! The audience watching Dhoom 3 movie online is shocked to their bones when Samar and Sahir face each other in the basement. Samar (Aamir Khan’s dual appearance) is Sahir’s autistic brother, the one his father called “my secret”. This is just the start of problems for the brothers. The conclusion of the movie goes through series of turns highlighting ACP’s cunningness, Aaliyah emotions, Samar’s innocent charms and need for love, Sahir and Samar’s fights and attempts to keep peace and avenge their father’s.