Jab tak hai jaan is a hindi movie starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in the lead role. It is a full blown romance saga touching the heart of millions. Besides having sacrifice and sanctity in its script, the movie is not at all disheartening and depressing. It is directed by Yash Chopra and the cinematography is by Anil Mehta. The eye-catching landscape of Kashmir is the soul of this movie. The movie had hit the box-office and had been praised by many. The availability of jab tak hai jaan movie online makes it easy for viewers to watch the movie from the comfort of their homes.

 Jab tak hai jaan Hindi Movie Online
The plot of the story: The film starts with a regular romance zone where Samar (Shaharukh Khan) goes guitar strumming on London streets and Meera (Katrina Kaif) passes by. Meera was in a state of confusion about her engagement and Samar teaches her to live life to the fullest and with enthusiasm. Later on, as the time passed, they fell for each other and the actual story initiates.
Did they live happily ever after?The story comes to a turning point when Samar met with an accident and Meera praise to God for his survival and sacrifices her relation with Samar as an offering to God in return of Samar’s health. It reminds us of a typical Hindi movie where a lead couple is separated by circumstances. Years later, Samar becomes a bomb squad in Kashmir and a girl Akira (Anushka Sharma) meets him. She is a documentary filmmaker who is interested in the life story of Samar. She falls in love with Samar. let’s see where the story end.
This movie has surely the progressive point of view where love is before the Lord. It is a sublime story about love and life. So don’t miss a chance to watch the movie.
Click here (link for the video) to watch jab tak hai jaan movie online.

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