Disha and Dev fight through gangsterism and violence and triumph in love. So is this amazing story in the romantic action comedy movie Kill Dil. Produced in India in 2014, the film tells the story of two orphans, Dev and Tutu, who grow up to be gangsters, guided by a chief hit man, Govinda.

kill Dil Movie OnlineThey embark on a life of crime, doing only what they have been taught, contract killings. However, things come to a screening halt when Dev meets Disha and finds that his spirit is changing and he is no longer able to kill with impunity. Such is the influence of Disha’s love on him even though she has no idea the nature of the man she has fallen in love with.
To conceal his criminal persona, Tutu gets Dev fake educational qualifications so that he can get a legitimate job in an insurance company and live a normal life with Disha. This enrages Govinda who hatches a plan to get Dev back to where he wants him, carrying out his killing contracts, or kill him if he refuses to comply.
Everything breaks down when Dev chooses Disha over Govinda and in return Govinda sends an assassin to kill Dev and reveal to Disha who he really is. Disha, out of shock, has a nervous breakdown. The assassin fails to take Dev’s life and only injures him. Dev is forced at this point to confess to Disha his and Tutu’s true identities and how they ended up on the road of criminality.
Will Disha find it in her heart to forgive Dev for initially deceiving her and creating a façade for them to live in? Is their love still strong enough to survive this serious fracture to their relationship? What will become of Govinda? Will he finally reap his rewards for steering two innocent lives in the wrong direction? What will happen to Tutu? Will he be able to turn his life around for the better? Get the answers to all these questions and much more by taking in this action-packed movie.

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