The real story began when the fan name Gaurav Chanena of superstar Aryan Khanna posted a video on the internet in which he hashes a fellow actor how said ill about Aryan and also force him to say sorry to Aryan for his words. Gaurav is really a die-hard fan of aryan and wants to meet him once and that the reason that he did so, but for Aryan it is crime he wants Gaurav to be arrested and so happen. Aryan went to jail to meet Gaurav where he is beaten mercilessly Aryan just give him jerk by saying He is the one how to make him arrested and he want him to leave Mumbai that night only and forget all that happen here in few days this make Gaurab to anger on Aryan as he done too much for impressing him came from Delhi struggled in Mumbai just for him but he just make him side way.

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Gaurav was now obsessed with the feeling to take revenge of his insult after one year when aryan went to London for a program Gaurav went to that by doing his makeover as he has a similar face as aryan. And there he insulted the organizer daughter this lead to a problem for Aryan he is forced to come back India. Then again Gaurac came as Aryan to his house and blackmail Aryan that if he will not say sorry to him then he can hurt his family and also can destroy his stardom. The superstar wants to save his stardom he went to Delhi as Gaurav then at local show proposed gaurav girlfriend Nena this make gaurav angry who is watching all this from a height and he shot at Aryan then Aryan chased him and caught him they both fights at last Aryan controlled gaurav and ask him to led his own life but by saying that he is nothing without him he jumped from the roof they were fighting This give Aryan a feeling that he loses the fight of his life.
Aryan was now out of all controversies but still have something which makes him uncomfortable as when he went to his roof to meet his fans he gets an image of gaurav which remind it all to him.

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