Saathiya is a 2002 Indian Hindi based movie classified in the romantic dramatic genre. Directed by Shaad Ali, this movie plots the unusual love story of Aditya (Vivek Oberoi) and Suhani (Rani Mukherji). Aditya and Suhani fall in love with each other but have to come up against their different social ranks, as Aditya is part of the high-class society, while Suhani belongs to the middle class. Scared to confront their parents, Aditya and Suhani elope and keep their marriage a secret by living separately in their respective homes. They do this in secret to avoid causing a clash between the two families.

saathiya hindi movie

Circumstances later allow them to reveal their secret, and they finally move in together. However, their unconditional love still faces struggles, as they fight a lot. The fragility of their wedding reaches its peak when Suhani suspects Aditya of having an affair with another woman, because of a silly misunderstanding. They get into a big fight a while before Suhani disappears, causing Aditya to be worried. As it turns out, Suhani has been involved in a car accident caused by Savitri (Tabu). She is transported to the hospital as her health is in a critical condition and she falls into a coma, while Aditya is looking everywhere to find her. Meanwhile, Savitri is ravaged by guilt and lets her husband take the blame for her actions.

This epilog is just the beginning of a touching love story, which treats different aspects of love and sacrifice. Is money really important when it comes to true love? Will Suhani’s life be saved? Will Aditya learn his wife accident and be able to prove his love before it’s too late? Is love stronger than everything? And finally, is a tragedy always necessary to realize the importance of one single person in your life?

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