Social Dramas are always a genre that makes an impact on the audience. Although some movies overly dramatize the events for the drama and the emotion, there are some filmmakers who portray the events just as they are to retain the feeling. These are the film that makes us indulge in them and think about things. “Irada” is one such films that make us go through the pain and the grief that the victims experienced.

Cast and Plot

The film is directed by Aparnaa Singh, starring Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Divya Dutta and Sagarika Ghatge in the lead roles. Though the plot of the movie resembles that of the film Erin Brockovich, the director has fashioned it on the true events that have happened in the city of Bhatinda, India. The film brings to light of the dangers ground water poisoning and how far the corrupt system has gone to bury the issue.

Naseeruddin Shah enacts the role of an Ex-Army Man who discovers the terminal illness of his daughter. Gathering the evidence that he unearths, piece by piece, he finds out that the majority of the population is affected by it and the reason behind this is the mixture of carcinogens in the ground water from the nearby factory. The story moves forward with Sagarika Ghatge and Arshad Warsi who have different motives but the same goal joins the investigation.

Irada” has a convincing plot and the director has portrayed the plot beautifully. The movie which has been released in February 2017, has received high ratings from the top websites and is now available on YuppFlix for the users to watch it for free.