Shankar’s much-awaited next movie, “2.0”, the sequel to the flamboyant “Enthiran: The Robot” (in Tamil)/ “Robo” (in Telugu)/ Robot (in Hindi) is coming closer to its release. “2.0” which is being directed by Shankar, casts Rajinikanth as the lead actor, Akshay Kumar as the antagonist, and Amy Jackson as the lead female actor. With a budget ranging between 543- 600 crore, it is by far the highest budgeted Indian film.

The movie is set to release in late November of 2018. Its trailer had been released recently and was magnificent. Clearly showing Shankar’s brilliance mixed with Rajinikanth’s gracefulness, the trailer revealed what the film is actually about. Rajinikanth reprised his role of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti in the sequel and Amy Jackson looked to be another Robot. The trailer revealed that Akshay Kumar’s role to be Crowman who is frustrated with the Smartphone usage of humanity.

The film’s music is composed by A R Rahman, who also provided the music for the first installment Enthiran. “2.0” is being considered as the Magnum Opus and has been a prestigious project all along. While the protagonist’s role was confirmed to be Rajinikanth, many Ace Actors from Tamil and Hindi Film industries like Kamal Haasan, Aamir Khan, Vikram, Hrithik Roshan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, etc., were approached for the antagonist’s role. Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was even approached by the team to which the actor agreed but demanded a record remuneration.

“2.0” is slated to release on 29th of November 2018. The audience around the world is eagerly waiting for its release. Watch “2.0” trailer if you haven’t watched it yet.