The movie produced by A. Sarkunam, directed by Doss Ramasamy opens up with a hospital scene where Pavalakkodi is in bed and the father Varrakannu, weeping and cuts off, leaving one in suspense of why?

The movie is an intriguing piece with twists and turns of fate. Dora movie portrays Pavalakkodi as a brave girl, though she only lives with her father when her father tries to hit her aunty when she refuses to lend him the car to go to the temple, she speaks up and her ambition is seen when she says she will one day own taxi. Her father is motivated and buys a second-hand car.

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This is where the twist comes in. Vairakannu buys a car from a grieving family. It is in the same family where an only girl was murdered by thieves who stole their gold despite the fact that they were poor. Investigations are carried out by a policeman named Harish Uthaman, who as fate would have it, his parents fall for Pavalakkodi but he refuses to marry her.

The investigation leads to nothing and the murderer goes free…

The car that was bought comes with a mystery that only sorcerers can solve. A story unfolds and the story reaches its peak. who is Dora? what does Dora have to do with the story? You will be surprised to know that Dora, from whom the movie is named after- is not even human!

Dora is the word for ‘gift’ and true to the meaning, the name was carefully selected. Dora is a helpful tool in finding the murderer… but how? what does the mysterious car have to do with finding the culprit?

The movie later makes one discover that Pavalakkodi has a history with the murdered girl, even though they have never met, and the truth is that she changed her life forever. The movie leaves one in suspense. So how does it end? This Tamil movie is available online on YuppFlix as well as. A movie that will leave you glued to your sit- beyond words.

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