Yaakkai; directed by Kuzhandhai Velappan has been one of the most awaited movies of 2017. It is a mystery thriller with major romantic elements which play an integral part in the movie and does a good job in linking all the genres together. The movie casts some of the top Tamil actors in the industry currently namely Swathi Reddy, Krishna, Prakash Raj and Guru Somasundaram in lead roles.

Yaakkai Movie OnlineThe movies open with the mysterious death of a billionaire hospital owner. The opening scene is given a dark, mysterious element which gives one a feeling of a thriller on the making. Soon the supercop Sagayam; played by the iconic Prakash Raj is tasked with investigating the murder but soon finds himself getting deeper and deeper into the mystery. Sagayam is personally convinced that Guru (Sriram) is responsible for the murder but the mystery is even deeply confounded when a few more people are killed and the hero (Kathir) is named as the chief suspect.

This story unfolds parallel to that of the romance between Kathir and Kavitha. Kathir a college student head over heels in love with Kavitha; his college mate. While this story develops into a full-fledged love story, Velappan gives us glimpses of what is happening with the investigation. The leads were college students; as a result, the film resonates with the youth and does not try to make the relationship seem very superficial.

Yuvan Shankar Raja was brought in as the music director for this ambitious project and he did not disappoint. The background score adds to the thrill and keeps the audience gripped with the unfolding of the story. The pre-released singles “Nee” and “Solli Tholaiyen Maa” were melodious and entertaining and did well to create a sense of excitement for the launch of the movie; especially with the younger generation.

It is difficult for a film to try to get all the elements balanced well. We see that happening in Yaakkai as one is always gripped to the mysterious unfolding of the story while at the same time being entertained with a light-hearted but integral romantic story between the leads. With a story extremely unpredictable, cast as such; all the euphoria surrounding the movie is well founded.

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