Inayathalam is one of the most popular Indian movies released in 2017. It is a horrific movie where a serial killer leaves cyber crime experts scratching their heads with no solution. The criminal streams murders live using an anonymous website. The brain behind these acts is extremely cruel and feeds the public with horrendous content on the internet. Ganesh, Ganapathy, and Helen are the cyber crime officials handling the issue.

inayathalam Movie Online

They get to a dead end as the killer leaves no clue and manages to remain scot-free despite using digital world platforms to show off his deadly activities. It gets complicated when a stranger known as Delhi Ganesh is kidnapped. Whenever someone logs into the website the victim is pushed closer to death. This brings out the level of cruelty that can be created by social media. The plot of the Inayathalam movie online is full of suspense and the reasons behind the murders are known. The pace and tone are set from the beginning to the end and the audience is introduced to cybercrime in a simple way, that gets complex as the murders puzzle the cyber crime officers.

Inayathalam involves an issue that is little known about. It is a thriller that will keep you on the toes. The script is developed very well and the Tamil movie flows so well that you have to care about what is happening on the screen as it looks like reality. A website telecasting murders as they happen is something out of this world. The worst thing is that the website is untraceable despite involving high-end cyber crime officers.

The consistent visual storytelling if full of creativity and stability and eventually the serial killer is unmasked. The sequences will keep you going and you cannot blink until the movie comes to an end. From the beginning to the end, movies online should be like Inayathalam. The story of the complicated journey to arrest the serial killer ensures you do not get bored even for a second!

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