Debutant director Micheal Arun has taken up a serious issue and crafted a movie so beautiful that it will end up moving you to tears. Nisaptham meaning Silence is a story inspired by true events. It is a dark story of pain, hurt and suffering.

Nisaptham Movie Online

The beautiful story starts with Aadhi a young guy who falls in love with the beautiful Aadhira. They love blossoms and get married. Soon they start a family, and little Bhoomi is born. She grows up into a beautiful girl who feels her parents does not have much time for her.

One day on her way back to her home, eight-year-old Bhoomi meets a drunkard who manipulates her and convinces her to walk with him. The drunk then takes her to an abandoned construction site and abuses her physically and sexually.

The rest of the story is about how the kids suffer and how her family struggles to cope with the incident. The Director Micheal Arun show us the different pressures and struggles the victim, and her family has to face. The media consistently following the victim and asking questions that make her uncomfortable.

The movie Nisaptham also shows us how the judiciary works and how long it takes for the victim to get justice.

The best thing about Nisaptham movie is that it makes us ask questions that we as a society do not ask. What will happen to rape victim Bhoomi who is hardly 8 years old? Was it her fault? Will she be able to live a normal life? Director Micheal Arun attempts to answer these questions.

The movie has several emotional situations where the audience ends up crying. In one such scene, Bhoomi is afraid of her own father. She refuses to see him. The broken father blames himself for neglecting his child, the mother who is pregnant with another child is emotionally and mentally scarred.

Nisaptham is an emotional rollercoaster ride, it takes you on a journey of happiness and sadness. This is a must watch the movie if you are a parent.

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