If you just made up your mind to watch Shivalinga Movie online, let us give a small introduction about this Tamil Movie which has been rated as simply awesome by the audience who watched it in the Big Screen as well as those who watched it from the comforts of their homes or offices.

Shivalinga is a great Tamil Movie directed by P. Vasu, starring Raghava Lawrence and Ritika Singh. It is actually a horror movie but with some action and comedy. Sounds interesting right? Both the elements of horror and comedy are put together brilliantly in this movie sets it apart from many other available movies online.

Sivalinga Movie Online

Having been viewed as one of the best movies online, the story is about a spirit and a possession! Raghava Lawrence plays the role of a CID officer who opens a suicide case, which he suspects is a planned murder. Only the audience will be able to judge in the beginning if it really is a planned murder or not. However, it appears a normal investigation until it comes to a twist where Shiva (Raghava Lawrence) plans to take his wife where he has to carry out the investigation. The newly weds thought that they will enjoy their honeymoon while the husband solves his case but do they actually do that?

Well, as it were, they are met by various horrific ordeals throughout their botched escapade. Interestingly, when you spot a pigeon in the movie, just remember to keep an eye on it as it has a very important role in Shivalinga; a role that only you can be able to place and understand.

The house rented out by the couple is near a graveyard, everything is spooky. Since the couple is in love and they have just wedded, they don’t seem to be terrified by anything and are enjoying their life until something really bad happens. During the CID officer’s investigation, can you guess what happens? His own wife gets possessed by a spirit! Whose spirit is it and what does the spirit want? Will the spirit get what it wants and will the wife of the CID officer (Ritika Singh) live or die? You can only find out the answers by watching Shivalinga Movie Online now!

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