8 thottakkal Movie Produced by M. Vellapandian and directed by Sri Ganesh, The film starts off with Sathya, a hardworking orphaned boy getting framed by his employer for the murder of his beloved wife. He is sent to juvenile innocently. Being a good-natured boy, he befriends the warden who in return helps him secure the sub inspector job. This is where all the thrill begins- the beginning of the movie.

8-Thottakkal Movie Online

Sathya leads an honest life, refusing to be involved in bribe, as taught by his warden, and that same honesty ironically gets him into trouble with his corrupt inspector. Sathya one day helps a writer who is beaten by his corrupt inspector. Wrath enters the inspector who arranges a deal that is sure to shake Sathya’s career.

He plans an ordeal where he arranges for Sathya to shadow a dangerous robber where he loses his fully loaded gun- the beginning of his nightmare. Although Sathya tries his best to find the boy who snatched his gun, he is shocked when he discovers the boy sold the gun, a discovery that leads to a chase, a dreadful chase which he undertakes with caution with the help of a reporter friend- Meera.

The guy who buys the gun attempts a robbery where he accidentally shoots a girl who dies, and Sathya is suspended from duty. Sathya now hides from police but is tracked down by Pandian who is the new officer in charge of the case. He partners with him to look for the criminals.

The peak of the film is when Sathya goes to seek the help of an old policeman, a nobleman and a friend of his.

Does Sathya ever get justice? In a world or robbers, there must be a leader- who is the leader of this gang? It is a surprise that the leader is someone who has been there all along.

This movie can be watched on Tamil movies online, It is an interesting drama, captivating that will leave you craving for more.

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