Kavan is a 2017 Indian Tamil movie with a stunning and sizzling plot that will capture the attention of everyone. It is a satirical thriller film which has been tactically and professionally choreographed to keep one glued to the screen. Directed by the renowned K.V Anand and produced by AGS Entertainment, this is one of the movies online with outstanding pieces that have been carefully planned, written and produced.

Kavan Movie

Kavan movie online revolves around Thilak who is a news anchor working for Zen One TV, Run by Kalyan an unethical and corrupt media baron associated with Dheeran Maniarasu who is a fierce, powerful and corrupt politician who only receives positive criticism and applauds from the station, all thanks to Kalyan.

Events unfold one day when Malar, Thilak’s ex-girlfriend working in the same station, reports that her friend Kalpana who is a social activist had been raped. Malar and Thilak smuggled her out of the hospital and convince her to tell the whole story. The confession is telecasted live on TV where Malar gained immense popularity but Kalan releases a video claiming that Malar is mentally ill and she acted out of her mental state. Thilak attempts to expose wicked deeds in a life interview on TV which led to his sacking by Kalan. Malar and Jagan who is an executive producer in the station with other colleagues walk out with Thilak in a show of solidarity.

Kavan movie online comes to a peak when Dheeran plans to kill Thilak by a bomb and blame it on a terrorist attack. Later a twist emerges when Kalyan and Dheeran confess their atrocities while on Muthamizh TV where Thilak works. To their dismay, their confession is recorded by Nassar a police commissioner who was working in the station at that moment which triggered a turn of events.

Who raped Kalpana and for what possible reasons?, how and why did Thilak and Dheeran came to be fierce enemies?, will the plan to kill Thilak succeed and if not why?, what action will police commissioner take after hearing the confession?, will Kalyan and Dheeran be arrested and force prosecution after the confession?. watch Kavan movie online and find out more.

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