A guy dejected following a breakup with his girlfriend and missing, and his family and friends launch a frantic search fear the worst.

Ezhil Durai who identified as Veera in the movie went missing the mother accompanied by his sister return home to find their house locked, with a rope hanging inside a room. He left his mobile phone, and a gun was missing.

senjittale-en-kadhala movie online

They become anxious, so they decide to reach out to his close friends, who also worriedly start to find, his whereabouts. The sincerity about Senjittale-En-Kadhala gives the movie some suspense is when a sense of a gap between the execution and writing often comes in the way of someone can completely immerse into it.

The actors are trying to give the script a loose and offer their experience while trying to endure themselves to viewers. Ezhil Durai who named as Veera in the film captured a sad sap quality of Veera and provided that performance recalls among the Dinesh on Atta Kathi.

However, there is no consistency since it was unpolished, but had some potential, similar to Senjittale En Kadhala movie.

Similar to the storyline, there is a love story of Anushka(Madhumila) and Veera, a wealthy man’s spoil daughter. They were schoolmate late in earlier childhood and their chance of meeting result to romance thriving during college.

The portion of this film has an each day realities takes over after an initial romance rosiness. However, on this movie, Veera does not become a man at once.

The treatment of this film is markedly different — and better. This one attempts to be quirky and performs out extra as a coming-of-age tale, rather than a crass, misogynistic comedy like the different film.

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