Isn’t it amazing to know that S R Prabhu (Producer – of Maanagaram) has put all his faith in Lokesh Kanagaraj (Director of the Film) and the latter has also succeeded in winning the faith by his writing and perfect direction of this Tamil movie? Well, as we all know, these are skilled hands but and having pulled this masterpiece, we can only expect nothing but sizzling drama from the movie.

The very first scene shows the curiosity of a young man that appears for an interview and joins a firm with a view to making his career in an urban city. However, he eventually falls into unforeseen trouble. This is part of the great movies online you can watch to learn of the different characters and their stories which somewhat get connected with each other.

 maanagaram Movie Online

Sri who plays the role of a job seeker is interviewed by the only female actor Regina, who is the HR professional in IT firm who also happens to be the classmate and love of another rugged character Sundeep Kishan. This film also introduces us to other characters that play the role of Taxi Driver, a gangster, Romdoss (part of the gang) and the Police. These characters interact at different levels of the play with riveting drama ensuing in each case.

Lokesh has scripted this movie in the finest manner by ensuring all facts are connected within short episodes, as well as ensuring the action carefully oscillates between comedy and tragedy. You can watch Maanagaram movie online to learn more of these exciting scenes. Music by Javed Riaz doesn’t become a hindrance and keeps the audience engrossed from the beginning till the end.

One remarkable scene is that of kidnapping of a business man’s son and the implications of this incident in the lives of Sri, Sundeep and the Taxi driver. Out of all Tamil movies; comic timing from Ramdoss appears well orchestrated in Maanagaram as it literally leaves the audience in stitches. Wouldn’t you be interested to know the blend of direction-story-cinematography that makes this possible? Yes, watch this thriller action movie online and learn more.

The story connects different scenes together; starting with Sri’s joining the company and feelings of hatred being developed by him towards Chennai. There is also a confrontation with Sundeep, feelings of love between Regina and Sundeep, taxi driver and his son, kidnapping of the businessman’s son among many other random actions and suspense. There I really no dull moment in the movie and the best way to catch all these is to watch Maanagaram movie online.

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