Director Kannan Rangaswamy has done justice to his latest psychological thriller movie with the unique screenplay and excellent BGM. If you are a fan of twisting plots and jump scares, don’t miss this movie. It will definitely add to your tally of thriller films. Although director Kannan destined to choose artists with less experience like Jeeva Ravi, Santhosh, Aira Agarwal, and Jayakumar, it is evident that the director has believed in the story more than the artists. However, they have performed well to match the intensity of the film. If you are a fan of the movie, you will surely enjoy this thriller flick. Let’s hop into the script right away.

dhayam movie online

Seven aspiring youngsters reach an interview with an intention to become the next CEO of that company. Four men and three women enter the interview spot, and they are given some frightening information to get attuned with the spot they are going to compete. The previous guy had committed suicide there and left with a letter. The aspiring candidates for the CEO post will become dead,’ saying what the letter said, the interviewer also adds that the room will shut for an hour and the one who walks out will become the CEO of that company.

You will start feeling the intensity of the film as soon as the door shuts. The confinement of the candidates and instant intelligence showered by some of the actors and some the characters makes this film an interesting watch. Also, there is a surprising massive twist in the climax blocks of the film. Dont want to reveal any spoilers to keep you guessing about the well-made climax. For hardcore fans of the thriller genre, it is time to take a rigorous ride cliff-hanger express to walk through the weirdest of destinations. You can watch Dhayam Movie Online at YuppFlix.

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