A Aa is the latest movie treat directed by the Trivikram Srinivas. The romantic comedy by the talented director takes you through a plethora of emotion and helps restore your faith in true love.

The story is of a dreamy couple that has to face real world problems with the perfect mix of comedy. The movie starts off by showing the happy-go-lucky female protagonist Anasuya and her relationship with her parents. While the mother is shown as a dominating and aggressive character, Anasuya’s father is her real beacon of hope. You will instantly find a loving connect with Anasuya as you watch A Aa Telugu movie online.

With Anasuya’s mother insisting on getting her married to a rich prospective groom, the father understands her plight and sends her to the house of her aunt for a break. While embarking on the journey, Anasuya meets Anand, who is the hero of the movie. While Anasuya spends her time around the town, she gradually loses her heart to the endearing and simple ways of Anand. There are times when the fun and the charming moment between the two will take your heart away.

a-aa telugu movie online

However, the happy times seem short lived as the twist in the tale presents itself. Fate decides Anand and Anasuya to part ways as Anand is set to get married to another girl from the small town. It is then that Anasuya realizes how important it is to take things in her hands and win her love back. Anasuya’s resolve to get back with the love of her life makes for unparalleled entertainment.

As you watch the A Aa Telugu movie online, you will realize that love really sees no boundaries. The story of Anasuya and Anand and the twists that they face make for a hilarious set of events. Right from the beginning of the movie you will find yourself glued to your screen and it will be difficult for you to get off till you know what happened with the loving couple.

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