Watch Aagadu movie online to feel the action of “Encounter Shankar”.
In this Telugu movie, an orphan boy is raised by a police officer. However, a tragedy sets them apart and this boy is imprisoned under false charges. Later he returns as an honest and fearless circle inspector. Known as “Encounter” Shankar for his ability to deliver justice on the spot, he is transferred to a town which is controlled by a mafia.

Aagadu Movie Online

This mafia is headed by Damodar with the backing of powerful politicians and officials. As he sets out to destroy the mafia and illegal businesses, he faces powerful lobby which wants to build a power plant. He realizes that this power project is connected to his past and discovers some secrets that will leave him devastated. The tragedy that separated him from his adoptive family is soon revealed and he seeks forgiveness of adoptive father. As he starts to make powerful enemies, he also starts to make new friends. He also meets Saroja who initially ignores him but soon starts reciprocating his feelings. ‘Encounter’ Shankar is dealing with a high-level conspiracy where lives mean nothing and every attempt will be made to stop him.
What is the truth behind the power project? Who are real enemies? Will ‘Encounter’ Shankar prove his innocence to the one who raised him? Who are powerful people backing Damodar? Can he trust his new friends? Starring Mahesh Babu, Tamannaah and Sonu Sood, this action-packed Telugu movie will leave you in splits as you see the chemistry between two main characters and effort of our hero to stop the evil. The comedy scenes are never going to let you bored.The action scenes by Mahesh Babu while he takes on corrupt and powerful are going to give you goosebumps.
Watch Aagadu movie online to find who wins the battle between good and evil.

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