Abhinetri movie is one of the few horror-comedies that will keep you occupied for two hours. Since its release in 1st October 2016, it has remained as one of a kind that makes a quick buck with laughs. The movie is very situational and has a simple enough storyline that begins with a flashback showcasing Krishna ambition to marry an English speaking girl; he feels that marrying such a girl will elevate his social status.

Abhinetri Telugu Movie onlineIronically, he is not in a position to marry the girl rather he marries Devi due to his family pressures. After Krishna and Devi move into the old apartment, things change, Devi is pronounced to have been possessed by spirits that made the earlier occupant of the apartment to commit suicide. She starts reacting abnormally and later she is attracted to Raj, a film star.
Deva’s comic timing is still intact. He is more convincing as a helpless husband who is caught between Devi and the ghost tormenting her wife. It’s a must watch, especially if you love narratives that are kept relatively simple. Abhinetri Movie online does not go overboard with horror scenes that involve too much unusual gory, visuals and sound effects.
Its producer also values viewers, Abhinetri movie is produced in a well light and pretty good stage, in other words, the choreography will make you love to watch it over and over. Moreover, the whole cinematography will capture the entire mood of the film.
Vijay, the director, balances comedy and horror to narrate the story in the most perfect and delightful way, which makes the movie to be rated as having a complete justice to the genre with necessary jokes and laughs. Besides the film is a must watch; Vijay’s rich storyline, which is well executed in the movie will make you recommend it to your peers.

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