If you’re in the mood for a Telugu movie about rising to the challenge of battling adversity this one was made for you. Follow a 25-year-old feud between Jitendra, a ruthless crime boss, and Jaidev, a landlord’s son. The movie and the feud started in 1989 when Jaidev and his mother are kidnapped to make the landlord drop charges that he has against Jitendra. The kidnapping goes awry when Jitendra’s father kills the landlord’s wife to punish him for dishonoring them. When Jitendra is released he finds out from a survivor that Jaidev has avenged his mother’s death and wiped out most of his henchmen – as well as Jitendra’s father.

Legend movie online

It is after this that Jitendra vows to avenge his father and resurrect his own honor. Jitendra descends on the town where the landlord and his family stays. The landlord decides that it is best for his family to leave. When the landlord himself is killed, the family decides to leave India forever.

The 25-year-old grudge provides the fuel for fast-paced action that will leave you rubbing your neck muscles if you don’t brace yourself. You won’t want to miss one minute of this legendary Telugu Movie at all. Place yourself firmly between the forces of good and evil in this rendition of the eternal struggle.

Cry with anger as the injustices of the past wreak havoc on a family. Sit spellbound as the story rumbles forward to an inevitable final battle for justice.

The Legend movie online will appeal to fans of Telugu movies with a thirst for revenge and a deep sense of justice. The movie features plenty of opportunities to clench your fist and demand restitution for such treachery. Young and old will identify with the common theme of avenging the fallen and the repercussions that follow.

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