If you thought that Indian movies are all about love, romance and warfare then you better think again. The entertainers at Tollywood have come up with arguably the best horror movie for your watch. Trivikraman, as it is called, is one spine-chilling horror movie that involves ghosts, death and a little humor here and there to break the blood-curdling tension.

The movie is a story within a story where film director Ravi goes out on a mission to capture the stories of five slain people turned spirits. The five spirits were killed by ghosts and they are therefore on a vengeful killing spree mission since they were irked by their death. With Ravi is a team of his camera crew members and together they go out to a haunted destination so as to summon the five ghosts. The film plays around with the suspense of the audience as you empathize with the crew members who are anxious waiting for anything to pop up. Ravi asks them to play a game of Ouija since it is popularly known to summon spirits from the underworld.
trivikraman movieRavi and his team summon one ghost after the other heightening the tension of both the crew members as well as you the movie watcher as you see how distasteful each of the spirits looks like. Runki Goswami adds to the deadpan horror with his slow, haunting music that seems to make you feel as though you are inside the TV screen. Thankfully for the crew members, the spirits have taken a break from their killing spree and so they do not kill them.

They recount their stories and how painfully the died. Amazingly, what was horrifying turns into an emotional mood with even the crew members weeping as they hear some of the spirits who were slain while taking a cold shower. The movie is only an hour and a half but within that short time, it will have made you appreciate the value of human life as well as take you to horror world and back. You can watch the movie at Trivikraman Movie Online.

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