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A Malaysia-based don Kabaliseeswaran is released after years of imprisonment. He was falsely accused of organizing a massacre is which his pregnant wife was also killed and sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment. Having taken control of gang from his mentor who was killed by another henchman, Kabaliseeswaran fought for the right of Tamil Malaysians who were sent as indentured laborers before the independence of India. He was respected by all. However, he was falsely trapped and his wife was killed before his own eyes. He sets out to get his revenge only to discover a shocking truth. He wife may be alive and his daughter is raised by the very man who tried to kill him and his wife. Many of his former colleagues may be responsible for his fate and he finds new gang members. It leads to a gang war between Kabaliseeswaran and another gang headed by Tony Lee for the complete domination of the Malaysian underworld. Determined to fight even more for his people and destroy those who betrayed him, Kabaliseeswaran can’t be stopped.

Kabali movie
With friends turning enemies and enemies turning friends, Kabaliseesawaran must act before it’s too late and show the truth. Who will win this war? Will daughter join her father? Is the wife of Kabaliseeswaran alive? Will Kabaliseeswaran be able to kill his enemies and take his revenge? Will he be able to save his people from the exploitation? Starring Rajnikanth, Radhika Apte, Winston Chao, Dinesh Ravi and Dhansika, this action-packed gangster-drama is going to take you to the world of the Malaysian underworld. Filled with thriller and suspense, it is bound to grip audience till the end. The power packed action scenes by Rajini would be a mesmerizing experience for the audience.
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