“Darshakudu” is a flick from the production house of Sukumar, the one that gave us Kimari 21F. The film casts Ashok Bandreddi and Eesha Rabba as the lead actor and actress and is directed by Jakka Hariprasad. Jakka Hariprasad is familiar to the Telugu audience as the writer for motion pictures like Mahesh Babu’s Psychological Thriller “1- Nenokkadine” and 100% Love. “Darshukudu” is Jakka Hariprasad’s debut film and was released in the first week of August. Sai Karthik was roped in as the music director.

The movie is the story of a director who is passionate about filmmaking and wants nothing but to fulfill his passion. His life takes a turn when he falls in love, and the situations after that, the problems he faces and how he copes with his personal and professional life makes up for the rest of the film. The movie depicts the ripples created in life due to love and the friction between love and passion.

This is one gem of a film, that has come up with a new concept deviating from the regular Telugu celluloid genres. Though the film has a love story at its core, the illustrations of other notions like passion, difficulties in the film industry, etc., has put it ahead of others and made it one to watch over the weekend. Though the film is a recent one, it had a limited release and is not available for many of those who reside outside India. For this reason, YuppTV has brought it to you on pay per view to enjoy with your entire family. Check it out on Mini Theater now.

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