Luckunnodu – a Telugu film directed by Raj Kiran is yet another commercial entertainer of Vishnu Manchu.

What’s the story about?

The filmmaker got the packaging right where the hero is set up to commit suicide as he hardly has any luck. Lucky (Vishnu Manchan) the luckless protagonist life goes from one mishap to another.He is disliked by his father as he spoils many good situations and is believed to bring bad luck to his family. He then moves to Hyderabad to meet his friend (Satyam Rajesh) who is working as an HR person in a software company. His friend also loses his job when Lucky joins him by virtue of his bad luck.His love with Padma (Hansika Motwani) soon turns bad due to his bad luck. All these mishaps leave Lucky with only one option- committing suicide. On the other hand JK the villain hatches a plan to rob a baggage of 25 crores while new currency notes are being sent to the bank by RBI. JK’s close partner Antony who executes the entire plan decide to ditch JK. Antony makes a deal with Lucky by paying him one crore to keep the money bag with him for a day and Lucky agrees to it. When JK confronts Antony, he gets run over by a car. Luckunnodu Movie online- reviews considers it to be an interesting piece of work and is worth watching

luckkunnodu Movie Online

The twist in the tale arises when the incomplete message in Antony’s cell lead JK to Lucky. Rest of the story is how lucky manages to handle the cash. he has got two options now- one, will make him very rich and the other will give him a chance to prove his authenticity. What is going to pick? What’s his lucky chance? Will he be able to convince his dad and his girlfriend? Discover all of these by watching Luckunnodu movie online.

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