Mukunda is a Telugu movie directed and written by Srikanth Addala. Mukunda is the name of the youngster who steps up and challenged the political domination of the Municipal Chairman. The question is how and why Mukunda did this thing?

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Mukunda always rescues his close friend Arjun who is in love with a girl living in a Municipal Chairman’s town. Arjun gets into trouble because the relationship doesn’t go well with the girl’s family. That’s the root of it all. Mukunda stood up for his friend and challenged the Municipal Chairman’s domination in politics.

Mukunda has this type of personality wherein he doesn’t want to tolerate injustice, so the people around him think twice before getting in trouble with him because he’s the kind of person who will stand up for you especially if you’re his friend. The half part of the movie focuses on the politics of a small town, of how Mukunda challenged the Chairman’s 20-year position without opposition.

The Mukunda Movie has strong characters. They make a statement of what kind of people we meet every day. There is a strategist, who is Rao Ramesh the Municipal Chairman. He plans his life and is good at assessing the weakness and strength of people. However, he fails to reform.

This movie is a serious drama with action. The village drama is enthused with argument and fight, which will make audience drift their attention towards the dialogue. There are also a lot of metaphors in the movie, which makes a statement whether it implies war against evil or love story.

If you are a person who appreciates like, its facts and truths, some intelligent conversations and debates, then this drama film interspersed with village politics will be a good watch. There are a lot of situation you can relate to, especially the politics. This movie indeed taps into our reality. People are strong, but they also have flaws.

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