Built on a brand new concept “Premaku Raincheck” is a Telugu film directed by Akella Peri Srinivas and produced by Stone Media Films. The film casts all new actors Abhilash Vadada, Priya Vadlamani, Mounika Tamanam in the lead roles. Deepak Kiran is providing the music while Sarath Guruvugari is the Cinematographer.

The teaser of the film which was released a few days ago was fresh and gave the audience a slight idea about what the film is going to be. One can easily observe that the teaser though did not reveal any of the characters, gave out some part of the story and it looks like a classy rom-com. It started out with a girl asking a guy about the phrase “Don’t dip your pen in Company Ink”. The guy simply asks her to google it but upon asking again he tells her what it means to which the girl disagrees leading to an argument which then reveals what the film is about.

The teaser begins very elegantly with simple conversation which intrigues an audience right from the start and it doesn’t stop even after revealing the story like it knows that the audience wishes to go on. The title of the film has a word “Raincheck” in it which is practically unknown to the Indian audience. The female character in the teaser asks the male about it but instead of explaining what it means, the male character suggests her to search for it on the web.

This is an excellent strategy to let the memory of the film/ teaser linger in the minds of the audience. Given the film is built on novelty the approach it is using for the promotion strongly suggests that there are incredibly creative minds at work in the background. We can’t wait but look forward to the film. Check out the teaser here.