Andhagadu is a classic love story starring young hero Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel. The film which is a comedy thriller is written and directed by reputable writer Veligonda Srinivas. Andhagadu is the third film in which Raj Tharun and Hebah Patel have come together as the lead actor and actress. The film also casts the legendary actor Rajendra Prasad in a key role.

Andhagadu as the title suggests is the story of a blind guy who works as a Radio Jockey, looking for a donor for his eyes. The story which moves forward with him meeting a beautiful girl and falling in love with her while acting like a normal guy takes a turn when she dumps him. The rest of the events that follow which involve him getting his eyesight back, falling in love again, and them meeting Rajendra Prasad who is a ghost, are hilarious and makes up for a good 2-hour enjoyable movie.

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