Named appropriately, Darshakudu movie depicts the tale of a young director. The film casting a relatively younger cast like Ashok, Eesha Rebba, Noel, Pujitha Ponnada etc., is directed by veteran writer and debutante director Jakka Hariprasad. Darshakudu is a product from the Production house of Sukumar which brought us the movie Kumari 21F previously. It was released in the first week of August and was well received by the audience.

The film depicts the story of a passionate young director whose life takes a turn when he falls in love with a girl. His struggles coping up with the personal and the professional life, the situations he faces when he is in love and how he deals with the times where he must decide between his love and career makes up for the rest of the movie. The movie is a must watch and answers plenty of questions that arise in younger generation’s minds about career and love.

The film is based on a new concept that deviates from the routine Telugu films. Though it holds a love story at its heart, the film brings forth plenty of other notions into the mind like passion, life in the Telugu film industry etc. The movie is now available for all the expat users for free on YuppFlix. Watch it at your own convenience from your Smart TV or Smartphone. Check out YuppFlix for more of latest Telugu movies.