Supreme is an Indian action movie which was written and also directed by Anil Ravipudi and produced by Dil Raju.
Jagruthi foundation is a big organization in Anantapur with thousands of acres of land which have hospitals, schools, homes etc which are taken care by the trustee one Narayan Rao played by Sai Kumar. A powerful mafia one Vikram Sarkar played by Kabir Duhan wants to grab the foundation and even shows a loophole showing that the foundation has no original documents. So, Narayan files a case in court and vows to produce the documents and the heir to the foundation in one month. Both Narayan and Sarkar start a search and Sarkar even appoints a goon called Beeku played Ravi Kishan to find the heir and kill them. Will Beeku be able to locate the heir as well as the documents before time runs out?

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Balu played by Sai Dharam Tej is a taxi driver who falls in love with a local sub-inspector called Bellam Sridevi played by Rashi Khanna. One day he finds an orphan boy played by Mikhail Gandhi in the trunk of his car and since the child had no name, he decides to name him Rajan and take care of him as his own brother along with his father who is played by Rajendra Prasad. Rajan is suddenly kidnapped by a man named Beeku and later taken to Odisha. During searching for Rajan, Balu and his father later find out from Narayan that Rajan is the son of Raja Rao who is the heir to the foundation and who is also holding the original documents and whose parents were brutally murdered by Sarkar. Will Balu keep on looking for Rajan even though he now knows the truth about his family? will he be able to locate him before Beeku does?
The film received a lot of positive reviews for becoming a commercial success and also praised Sai Dharma for the good performance it showed and for becoming a big grosser in his career.

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