Temper Telugu Movie was released on 2015. It is an Indian action film written by Vakkantham Vamsi. Telugu movie focuses on two people, an influential smuggler, Waltair and a corrupt police officer, Daya who later joins forces with the smuggler.
Waltair wants to kill a woman named Lakshmi who is aware of the crime committed by him and his four brothers, at the same time being the same woman helping Daya become an Honest sincere officer.The movie has a budget of 350 million, which actually proves to you the amount of hard work and fascinating scenes applied in the movie.

Temper Movie OnlineTelugu Movie was released worldwide in February 2015, and even praised by critics for the job well done by the producer Bandla Ganesh.The film was successful
Daya being an orphan, grows up knowing that being a police officer will bring him lots of money, which turns out to not be the case.Instead, he turns out to be manipulative, cunning, corrupt and ruthless.He meets this beautiful girl who by the power of love turns him to become a better man, which later he admits to the wrongs he has done and she forgives him.From there on it starts to focus on the slow transformation of Daya’s transformation.
So what exactly will make him look at life differently?Will Daya fight his friend Waltair? This forms the rest of the story.
Telugu Movie has a great story line of crimes committed like kidnap, rape, nd murder which will definitely raise your interest for the movie.In all, it has all the commercial elements and is definitely going to work well with the audience.An emotional story which has a strong social message which will keep you involved throughout, which makes it easy for viewing.

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