Starring Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania, Veere Di Wedding is the latest Bollywood film directed by Shashanka Ghosh. The trailer that had been released a few weeks ago, stirred up the Indian youth especially Women, for its wise remarks on the conventional wisdom of Indian populace. Given that the film is mentioned as a female buddy comedy, it sure looks to entertain people. If you are waiting for the movie eagerly, here are some elements that you can look forward to in this film.

Toh Ab Teri Lene Ke Liye Degree bhi Chahiye? Remember this comment from Shikha Talsania? Commenting on the conventional notion existing in most Indian women about dating only educated men, wise remarks like this which make people laugh and think at the same time seems to be present in plenty in the film. Another scene that falls under the same category is when Swara Bhaskar asks her husband about who’s going to make his Dinner if she gets a job. Though seems counter-intuitive, this remark is a satire on every man out there who expect their wives to cook food and take care of the house even if they hold a job.

Another satirical take on life being incomplete if a woman doesn’t get married can be seen in Sonam Kapoor’s monologue which comes right after the remark from Swara Bhaskar. The bold language that it is expressed in, makes the scene hilarious giving way to rational thought almost immediately.

The awkwardness a girl feels when proposed to at a moment that she’s not ready, the stigma attached to marriage, the big weddings, the fluid emotions a woman goes through at the time of marriage, and the toll it takes on friendship, Veere Di Wedding is full of relatable moments to not just women but to people of all ages.

It may seem out of the ordinary, way too modern and a tad bit controversial, but one thing every movie buff can expect from Veere di Wedding is thoughtful comedy that is relatable and insightful.

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