The Latest Tamil Movie that has been in every Indian’s conversations over the last couple of days is Arjun Sarja’s “Nibunan”. The movie is a crime thriller directed by an Arun Vaidyanathan, a well-known director and familiar to the Tamil community in American. His film Achchamundu Achchamundu which dealt with an offbeat subject of Pedophiles has won critical acclaim throughout the world. The director is known for his selection of unconventional subjects and making a good film out of it. Nibunan turned out to be exactly that and the movie has gained applause from all the movie fans and critics alike.


Nibunan a Latest Tamil Movie which is a story about a Serial Killer who uses a unique M O to kill all his victims, like attaching a cow’s head to the murdered guy’s head, using animal masks, etc. Arjun and his team of two juniors are assigned to the case and being the intelligent cop that he is, he is able to predict the next victim of the psychopath. The fact that Arjun is suffering from Parkinson’s disease which affects his personal and professional life adds to the drama. The mystifying events that unravel, along the way blended with Arjun’s and the other lead actors’ acting have made up for a heartfelt movie experience. The director’s brilliance in maintaining the suspense until the very end, the extraordinary narration skills and the charm of the 52 year old actor who can convincingly enact any role that he’s offered, which are said to be the strength of the movie has made the movie as one of the high rated Tamil movies released recently.

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