YuppTV embarked upon original content with its first web-series ‘Endukila’.  The series was launched by their brand ambassador Mahesh Babu.

With Sumanth Ashwin and Yamini Bhaskar in the lead roles, Endukila is catering not only to the millennials but also to the generation x and seniors. YuppTV has roped in some of the finest actors, realistic acting and superb quality on to the web.

Endukila – a series that is resonating with audiences across the world, is presented by Deva Katta, who is known for movies like Vennela and Prasthanam. Lakshman Karya has yet again exhibited his extraordinary directorial skills with Endukila. Yamini Bhaskar (Sumanth’s lady-love in the series) looks cute like a button.

The first episode takes off with Tollywood’s popular comedian Vennela Kishore narrating the story of Dhanush Rishi (Sumanth Ashwin). He plays the role of an unfortunate guy who is often reprimanded by his dad Subramanium. The dialogue is sharp and oftentimes catchy and witty. The writing, coupled with the explosive chemistry between the cast, is why Endukila continues to draw traffic. Music by Mahesh Shankar offers respite from the loud and hard-hitting music.

Endukila struck a chord with us following the portrayal of misfortunes in everyday life. What about you?

Binge watch first 8 episodes of Endukila here