Abhay Chopra’s suspense thriller- “Ittefaq” Official trailer is Out Now


Abhay Chopra’s suspense thriller- “Ittefaq” Official trailer is Out Now

Check out the trailer of Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha and Akshaye Khanna starrer “Ittefaq”. The which is being directed by Abhay Chopra is being produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and Dharma Productions. The movie has been announced in April 2016 and has released its trailer recently.

The trailer which featured an outline of the story showed the lead actor and actress telling their versions of an incident happened one night, and Akshaye Khanna trying to determine the truth, bears all the suspense that we can look forward to in the film. As convincing as Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha were in their respective roles, Akshaye Khanna maintained the same momentum in the role of an inspector. Check out the trailer to know what the movie is about.

The original film “Ittefaq” which was released in 1969 was directed by Yash Chopra and cast Rajesh Khanna, Nanda, Bindu, Madan Puri, etc., in the lead roles. Written by Akhtar ul-Iman and produced by B R Chopra, this film is the fourth Bollywood film that has no songs in it. The film was a super hit at its time and an adaptation of such a legendary film is truly an honor. Ittefaq is slated for release on November 3rd and given the look of the trailer, we are eagerly waiting for the film.

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