Telugu movie is a segment of Indian cinema dedicated to the production of Telugu language movies. Also, known as Tollywood, it is an industry based in a neighborhood of Hyderabad. As the popularity of Indian movies is on the rise worldwide, it is no surprise that Telugu language movies are also becoming highly popular and more and more Indians and non-Indians alike are looking to watch these movies.
With its popularity, it’s also no wonder that Telugu movies are also available online. Here is a list of the top 5 Telugu movies online in no particular order.

kanupapa movie online

Kanupapa This story is a crime drama that revolves around a visually challenged man, Jayaram. Jayaram is a lift operator in an apartment. Although he is blind, he has a rare gift of being able to identify people just by the sound of their voice. Retired judge Krishna Moorthy lives in the same apartment. He is a man of many secrets but entrusts them to Jayaram. One day, Krishna is killed by a serial killer called Vasu. Now, Jayaram gets caught up in a mystery that only he can solve. Can he make it?

Kablai telugu movie online

Kabali Telugu was the most awaited movie at the time of its release in July 2016. The movie is about Kabaleeswaran also known as Kabali who is gang leader who fights for the rights of Telugu migrant workers in Kuala Lumpur. Rajini Kanth plays the titular role. Kabali takes on the local mafia lord, Tony Lee. However, Kabali was caught and sent to prison for 25 years. Upon his release, Kabali wants to take on Tony Lee again in his quest for revenge.

akhiil movie olnnie

Akhil The Power of Jua or also known as Akhil is a 2015 Telugu fantasy drama. This movie revolves around the Jua, a sphere of immense power that can absorb the sun’s harmful UV rays. By doing so, it can prevent the destruction of the Earth. However, many players are involved and some want the power for themselves. Akhil gets caught up in the middle of this power play.

bichagadu movie online

Bichagadu stars Vijay Antony in the lead role. He plays the only child of a multi-millionaire mill owner family. His mother suddenly falls ill and goes into a coma. All medical treatments fail and are unable to revive his mother. Hearing the words of a seer that suddenly appears, he decides to live like a beggar for 48 days until his mother can recover. The story will focus on his as a beggar and what happens to him in those 48 days.

barhmotsavam movie online

Brahmotsavam This is a 2016 Telugu-language movie written and directed by Srikanth Adalla. The story is about this man who wants to consolidate his position in the family. To do this, he makes arrangements to have his daughter married. But the man suitable for the marriage is already in love with another. This is a drama about life and relationships that drive the message that relationships should always be celebrated.