The most loved Bollywood Superstar of his time, Rajesh Khanna is one of the significant actors of Bollywood in the 70s. He is officially called the first superstar of Indian Cinema who has acted in more than 160 films. Rajesh Khanna played some of the most versatile roles in his career and brought the characters to life in any film he performed. The superstar passed away on this day 5 years ago. In his remembrance, we bring you some of the best performances in his career.


Released in 1969, the movie is a breakaway from the Bollywood tradition of song, dance and romance. The movie was a remake of a British film and Signpost to Murder, and was a thriller that did not have any songs in it. Though the movie was a semi-hit, Rajesh Khanna’s portrayal of a Painter who is alleged of his wife’s murder, was praised.


The movie in which Rajesh Khanna impressed the audience and critics alike with his amazing performance, is the story of a man who torn between the love of two women. His amazing portrayal of the character and his way of depicting the images is dearly remembered.


Also starring Amitabh Bachchan, this is one of the blockbusters of the time, with Rajesh Khanna playing the title role of a cancer patient. Rajesh Khanna’s portrayal of the role is considered one of the best in his career. The movie has earned many awards and later listed in Anupama Chopra’s book “100 films to see before you die”


Starring Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore, Aradhana was a Romantic drama, which was a huge success and led to remake of the film in other languages. After this movie, the two actors became a successful onscreen couple after which they made many movies.

Kati Patang

This is another path breaking movie where Rajesh Khanna played a man who falls in love with a widow. The movie was a huge blockbuster because of the incredible acting and his vivid expressions. The movie was said to be solely run on the strength of Rajesh Khanna’s onscreen presence and soulful music.

Aap Ki Kasam

Despite being a remake, the directorial skills of the debutante director and Rajesh Khanna’s performance has brought the movie to life in Hindi and made it a huge success. Rajesh Khanna was equally praised by the audience and the critics for his portrayal of the role of a jealous husband.

Namak Haraam

Namak Haraam was another film in which Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna shared the screen space together. The film which was a success at the box office is the story of two friends had earned Rajesh Khanna an award too.


Khamoshi is another film in which Rajesh Khanna impressed the audience with his performance in the role of a patient. The film is based on the story of a Bengali Nurse which was portrayed by Waheeda Rehman and was a huge success.


Bawarchi was a comedy film which was released in 1972. Rajesh Khanna breaking his usual path of Romance played the role of a cook in this comedy film. The film was a huge success and was ranked eighth highest grossing film of that year.

Amar Prem

Amar Prem was directed by Shakti Samanta and is based on a Bengali short film. Rajesh Khanna’s portrayal of a lonely businessman in this film won the hearts of many and is one to remember.